Family Violence

Family violence is a common issue in the United States. Most of the time the incident is minor and worked out between the two parties. However, sometimes these incidents turn into an assault that is reported to police. Once this happens, in most cases, someone will be arrested.

Take a look at Texas Assault Laws

Misdomeanor Assault

There are different statutes involving family assault offenses in Texas. Many fall under misdomeanor law and are designed for less violent incidences and can considered a warning to the offender that if the assaults continue, more serious charges can result.

Serious Assault

An assault that causes injury to a family member is a much more serious matter. When police are called in these types of cases, they will immediately remove the offender from the home and most likely will face serious assault charges that includes a restraining order.

Felony Assault

Some of the most serious assault charges involve cases where several misdomeanor assaults have occured repeatedly or when a victim has been seriously injured to the point of nearing death. An offender can face long prison sentences and fines in these cases.

Contact an attorney

When violence happens in the home, sometimes the facts can be flawed, inaccurate, or straight lies told by an angry spouse. If you're involved in a case involving assault charges against you in Texas, you must seek an experienced criminal defense attorney Dallas, Fort Worth, or other Texas city attorney to represent you to protect your rights and work for the best possible outcome.